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Dr. Rut Patel

Urology and Urologic Surgery

Dr. Rut Patel received his medical degree from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in 2013 and then completed his Urologic Surgery residency at Rutgers in 2018. Upon graduation, he joined the University of Southern California Institute of Urology as a Felix and Mildred Yip Fellow in Advanced Robotics/Laparoscopy and Urologic Oncology.

During his time at USC and Rutgers, Dr. Patel has participated in 500+ robotic/laparoscopic procedures using Intuitive Surgical’s DaVinci™ Xi and Si platforms. Dr. Patel’s experience includes all pathologies of urologic surgery, with a specialization in advanced and cutting-edge robotic techniques: Radical Cystectomy with Intra-corporeal Diversion, Retroperitoneal Access with Robotic Surgery, and complex partial nephrectomies among others.

Dr. Patel has co-authored a number of publications and textbook chapters, as well as presented his research at several regional and national conferences. He has been globally recognized on his work on cost-effectiveness of endoscopic procedures for kidney stones and has won multiple awards for his varied research. Dr. Patel is a strong patient advocate and his passion lies in providing them cutting edge techniques and a fast return to their normal lives.

Dr. Patel is also an active member of the American Urological Association and the Society of Laparoscopic Surgeons. In addition, he has taken part in various leadership positions during his training.

Dr. Patel has also earned a Master’s degree summa cum laude in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Stevens University.