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Anisha Patel

Physician Assistant, PA-C

Anisha was born and raised in Cocoa Beach, Florida. She moved to the suburbs of Atlanta with her family at the age of 13. She graduated with honors at North Gwinnett High School and went to Georgia State University with a major in Psychology. After her graduation, Anisha took a gap year and devoted her time to her parents’ small business.

Once going back to school, Anisha attended South University in Savannah to obtain her masters as a Physician’s Assistant. She then took on an opportunity in Greenville, South Carolina where she garnered experience in a fast-paced emergency medicine environment where she monitored patient progress, maximized documentation techniques and saw a vast array of patients ranging from lacerations to chest pain.

Anisha then moved back home to North Georgia where she became part of our Advanced Urology team in November 2018 and has since demonstrated her unwavering dedication to patients. Anisha is also an affiliate member of both the American Academy of Physicians Assistants and the Georgia Association of Physicians Assistants.

In her spare time, Anisha likes to read, run and travel the world. She would like to get back into taking some art classes soon.