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Typically, a vasectomy can cost from $0 to $1000 out of pocket, but the total cost depends on the type of procedure done, if you have health insurance or not and what your plan covers. Most insurance plans, Medicare and Medicaid will cover a vasectomy for little to no cost. Check with your healthcare provider if a vasectomy is covered under your plan.  

If you consider the long cost of having a child or spending money on other contraceptives, a vasectomy is a considerably cheaper option and the one-time surgery will last forever.

How Will I Be Billed?

Things which can affect pricing for a vasectomy include:

  • Whether the procedure is non-standard or specific to your overall condition
  • The supplies needed to perform the procedure
  • Type of anesthesia used
  • Doctor’s and facility fees

Most bills will invoice and list what was used during the procedure including the anesthesia, sedatives, supplies and other costs.

couple considering the cost of vasectomy

Does Insurance Cover Vasectomy?

If you’re wondering if a vasectomy is covered by your health insurance plan, you’re in luck.

Nearly all insurance plans cover vasectomies, and if you aren’t covered, there are some organizations like Planned Parenthood that can find insurance or a payment plan for you. Speak to your health insurance provider if a vasectomy is covered under your plan or call us at 678-344-8900 today so we can help you learn more.

Paying for Vasectomy in Atlanta

If you’re currently uninsured or your insurance doesn’t cover the procedure, there are several payment plan options. Most doctors, specialists and healthcare centers offer payment plans to help pay off the procedure over time. Speak to our financial department about available options and plans today.