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Vasectomy reversal refers to a surgical procedure in which the male reproductive tract is restored to its original state before the vasectomy was performed. There are presently two distinct and prevalent ways to carry out a vasectomy reversal — a vasovasostomy or a vasoepididymostomy. The costs of vasectomy reversal can vary depending on several factors such as location or the reputation of the surgeon.

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What’s Included in Vasectomy Reversal?

In order to judge the vasectomy reversal success or failure, there are two distinct measures —restored sperm counts and pregnancy rates.

Both of the surgical techniques have been used extensively for vasectomy reversal and have generated positive results. However effective, both of these procedures remain expensive. No matter which clinic or hospital you opt for, it is likely that the cost won’t differentiate much.

These costs will include the fees for the surgeon, the anesthesia and the facility charges. Almost all the vasectomy reversal procedures will bill you for these three important components. At this point, you may have begun researching “vasectomy reversal costs near me” or “how much for vasectomy reversal near me.” Advanced Urology is here for you.

Pricing can fluctuate depending on who the surgeon is as well as the facility where the procedure is being performed. There may be some cases in which the patient’s specific needs due to an earlier condition can drive the cost up because of special preparations required.

However, there are no hidden or surprise charges. Any additional charges to the basic three explained above will be clearly communicated to you after your initial scan.

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Do Insurance Plans Cover Vasectomy Reversal?

Most insurance plans guarantee payment for the initial vasectomy procedure but not a vasectomy reversal.

Both of these surgeries are known as “elective medical procedures.” The next logical question you might find yourself wondering is, “if both these procedures are classified under a similar category then why does my plan only cover one?”

Almost all the major health insurance companies do not cover a vasectomy reversal as it is in effect the reversal of a previous treatment that was already paid by the insurance company.

However, you can claim the travel expenses as well as other miscellaneous charges related to the vasectomy reversal in your income tax.

Payment Options for Vasectomy Reversal

There are multiple options that are available to you in terms of financing and planning your overall expenditures on the procedure. Payment options and their flexibility will depend on each surgeon individually. Surgeons usually enact their own payment policies.

One option popular among surgeons is prepaid installments. This gives you the opportunity to come with the money in as long a time frame as you need. Depending on the length of time you spend prepaying, things can change, and you might no longer have the resources or the ability to raise another child, rendering the vasectomy reversal procedure unnecessary.

Another option that is quite popular is financing to get the procedure done as quickly as possible without the risk of prolonging getting your vasectomy reversed. Consider discussing financing with your Atlanta urologist to ensure you don’t wait too long to get your reversal.