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Side Effects and Recovery

While Urolift is typically an effective minimally invasive approach to alleviate the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, there are some issues and problems that may arise after your procedure. Pain and sensitive while urinating during the recovery period is normal along with several other urinary issues that may arise. One of the chief issues to guard against is infection. Always follow the guidance set forth by your doctor or surgical team to minimize the risk of infection.

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Side Effects of Urolift

During the Urolift recovery period, you will initially experience the side effects normal to any surgery such as:

  • Risk of infection – The most severe side effect that can occur is an infection. If the infection is near the surface or a simple urinary tract infection, antibiotics should treat it.
  • Swelling – Keeping the pelvis elevated with an ice pack will reduce swelling.
  • Pain – For the first week of recovery, penis pain will be prevalent but will subside by the second or third week of recovery.
  • Sensitivity while urinating – Due to the nature of the procedure the urethra can be sensitive for the first week or so after the procedure.

It’s important to avoid heavy lifting, stick to mild exercise, avoid long periods of sitting like on a road trip and avoid any drinks that irritate the bladder like coffee or soda. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, and avoid going to the bathroom unless it’s absolutely needed in order to retrain the bladder.

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Possible Complications of Urolift

After the Urolift procedure, you should be watchful of complications like these. Although they aren’t expected, they are possible, and complications like this do carry risk. Always follow the guidance of your doctor or care team following your Urolift procedure

  • Post-operative bleeding at the surgical site
  • Intense but temporary pain at the surgical site and the pelvic region following your procedure
  • The device may move over time and push against the bladder.
  • Ineffective in alleviating symptoms related to your BPH

Contact your specialist immediately if these warning signs of Urolift resonate with you. While discomfort and pain during the healing process are normal, some of these other complications can be serious. If you feel this is an emergency, please get to a hospital or call 911.

Take your side effect seriously. Always follow your doctor’s advice. Observing best practices following your procedure is the best chance you have for preventing complications. At this point, you’ve probably researched Urolift side effects and benefits online and come to a conclusion about your next step. Maybe you’ve entered queries like “where to get Urolift near me” or “men’s health urologist near me.” If this is you, Advanced Urology in Atlanta is here for you. Call Advanced Urology today at 678-344-8900 to learn more about treatment options and make an appointment.