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Usually, the Urolift procedure may cost $6000 or more out of pocket, but that total cost depends on several factors including your location, your doctor’s rates, your insurance coverage, and the type of facility used for your procedure.

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Billing for Urolift

Included in the cost of a Urolift is the doctor’s rate. More experienced specialists may charge more to perform a Urolift procedure than specialists newer to the field. Other factors that influence cost include:

Anesthesia Billing for anesthesia is a standard practice. The medications used to sedate you or numb the surgical site will be listed on your bill.

The Staff Time

Billing will include the time required to staff your surgery. This includes the doctor, anesthesiologist, nurses and support staff.

Surgical Device

The device used in the procedure will have to be cleaned, sanitized and checked after your surgery. Usually, there’s an associated fee you’ll see on your bill.

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Insurance & Payment Plans

Insurers often cover the Urolift procedure. Check with your provider to learn if you’re covered. In the event your procedure isn’t covered under your insurance plan, you’ve still got options.

There are payment plan options, financing options and resources who may provide aid. Speak with your doctor’s office about what options are available to you in the event that your insurance provider doesn’t cover the Urolift procedure.

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