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Side Effects and Recovery

Penile implant surgery is generally a lower-risk procedure that’s effective, but it does carry a degree of risk and is associated with certain post-surgical side effects. Infection is a common problem, so it is essential that you follow all the instructions that your care team provides for cleaning, care and maintenance of your surgical site after the procedure. You may be given antibiotics to lower the risk and symptoms related to infection. The other complication to be aware of is the shelf-life of the device itself. Devices like penile implants don’t last forever, and the more complicated devices are more likely to malfunction or prone wear down after eight to twelve years.


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Side Effects & Complications of Penile Implant Surgery

As you recover from penile implant surgery, there are a few common side effects to watch out for including:

  • Irritation or infection of the surgical site — it’s paramount to follow the protocols given by your doctor so that you minimize the risk of getting an infection. Some swelling is normal, so keep your surgical site elevated and use an ice pack. If you notice any signs of infection like heightened irritation, redness or discharge, contact your specialist immediately to avoid further complications. When an infection occurs, it can move below the surface and compromise the device which could then result in needing revision surgery.
  • Post-surgical pain and soreness — you’ll likely receive some medication for the acute pain that follows your procedure. Expect sensitivity and pain for at least the first week after surgery. This will gradually pass over the coming weeks as you begin to heal.
  • Erosion of the skin — while this side effect is rare, it’s possible that you could experience skin erosion around the device into the urethra. Should this occur, contact your doctor immediately, as this issue typically needs surgical repair.

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Possible Complications of IPP

Your implant is at its most vulnerable during the initial phase of recovery, the weeks and months after your procedure. Always follow your after-care instructions and contact your doctor should you experience any of the following:

  • Post-operative bleeding around the device and incision area. This can cause a delay in activating the implant later.
  • If the device isn’t placed correctly, it can move from the shaft into the scrotum.
  • Temporary severe pain in the pelvic region shortly after the operation.
  • Significant pain over a long period of time due to an oversized device.
  • The shortening of the penis from scarring.
  • Erosion around the urethra causing damage.
  • Device malfunction may occur over time due to wear from normal use.

If you’re dealing with any of these post-surgical issues, it’s imperative that you see your doctor to limit your chances of further complications and to minimize the risk of a failed surgery. If you’re experiencing severe symptoms related to your procedure, contact your specialist. If you feel this is an emergency situation, go to the hospital or call 911.

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