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A penile implant can be expensive and cost up to $20,000 out of pocket. The cost totals in several factors including the cost of the operation, the device, the location of the procedure and recovery time.  Fortunately, most insurance plans, will cover a penile implant. Check your healthcare provider and ask if a penile implant is covered under your plan.

At first glance, the price seems high but consider the long cost of taking oral medication for erectile dysfunction, a penile implant is a considerably cheaper option and the one-time surgery will last for many years.


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Billing for Penile Implant Surgery

The main cost of a penile implant like most procedures will go into the time of the doctor or specialist. The price will be significantly more if the doctor specially-trained. If the procedure is non-standard or specific to your overall condition, the price will vary greatly. As well as the supplies needed to perform the procedure. You’ll receive an invoice with an itemized list detailing what was used during the procedure and the cost including anesthesia, facilities fee, and cost of the implant itself.

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Insurance & Payment Plans

Most, if not all insurance plans cover penile implants if your insurance and doctor believe it will better your health. If you aren’t covered, there are some organizations geared to find an insurance plan or a payment plan for you. A little research online can go a long way, and if you’re still confused, speak to your healthcare provider or representative.

If you’re currently uninsured you may want to wait before proceeding with this procedure since ED isn’t life threatening. If you decide to go ahead with the procedure, there are several payment plan options. Most doctors, specialist, and healthcare centers offer payment plans to help pay off the procedure over time. Ask your doctor’s office about their payment plan options for you today.

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