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Penile Implant Surgery (IPP)

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is difficult to talk about. Even though millions of men over the age of 40 suffer from ED, you’d be hard-pressed to find one who will talk about it. Most men start finding out about solutions for ED like IPP online, searching for “penile implant surgery near me.” When the condition becomes severe and prescription pills aren’t an option anymore, many men have successfully treated their erectile dysfunction with penile implant surgery (IPP).


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What Are Penile Implants?

A penile implant is especially helpful in correcting the scarring and curve caused by Peyronie’s Disease. A penile implant is a medical device surgically placed into the penis giving men a natural-looking and natural-feeling erection. The penis operates like a normal, and the device won’t affect your sensitivity or ability to ejaculate. A satisfying solution that raises the quality of life for millions of men in America.

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The Types of Penile Implants

There are two types of penile implants: inflatable and semirigid. Each implant creates an erection while offering a range of benefits for your specific condition.

Inflatable Implants

The most versatile and popular implant, the inflatable penis implant allows men to control their own erection. A valve allows fluid to flow from a reservoir implanted in the scrotum to the penis. This creates a more natural-looking erection. There are two types of inflatable implants. The three-piece implant creates a firm, natural erection but has more of a possibility of malfunctioning than a simpler device. The two-piece implant is not as firm as the three-piece but does create a realistic erection.

Semi-Rigid Rod Implant

The penis is always somewhat erect with this implant. A metal bendable rod is implanted into the penis. The implant can bend down when an erection isn’t wanted. This is especially beneficial for men with arthritis or mobility issues.

Speak with your urologist near Atlanta and which type of penis implant would be right for you.

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What to Expect from Penile Implant Surgery in Atlanta, GA

The greatest benefits of penis implant surgery other than a discrete solution to ED is the minimal recovery time. In about four to six weeks after the surgery, most men are fully recovered and can enjoy sex again. Most penile implant procedures take around 45 minutes. First, the doctor and surgical staff will use an IV drip to deliver anesthesia and shave the surgery area. Once the surgery area is prepared, the doctor will make the necessary incisions need to implant the device, usually below the head and the base of the penis. Then, the doctor takes the spongy tissue that fills with blood during an erection and stretches it. Here, the doctor implants the device and sews the incisions closed. After a night in the hospital, most men go home to recover with pain medication and care instructions from the urology expert.


Recovery from Penile Implant Surgery

The recovery period is relatively quick at four to six weeks, but there are risks and side effects during recovery from penile implant surgery. Like any surgery, the main risk is infection. Your doctor will prescribe you an antibiotic to prevent infection, but you should be diligent about keeping the incision area clean during the recovery period.

Pain will be prevalent for the first or second week but should subside after the second week as the incisions heal. The doctor may suggest placing the penis pointing towards the belly button to prevent the penis from healing in a downward curve. After four to six weeks, the implant should be ready for use, but make sure you’ve been cleared by your doctor before engaging in sexual activity.

If the implant is an inflatable implant, the doctor may ask for you to inflate and deflate the device twice a day at this point. This stretches the tissue around the implant and gives you a little practice on using the device. Keep in mind at this point, you should be able to enjoy sexual activity again.

Possible Complications Associated with IPP

No surgery is free of risks or complications. Fortunately, the majority of the complications for penile implant surgery are ones generally associated with any surgery:


Most infections can be prevented with antibiotics. Your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics for the entire recovery period.

Scar tissue

The implant may cause some scarring inside the penis.

Bleeding around the incision if bleeding persists, contact your doctor immediately.

Erosion of the tissue around the implant

Mechanical Failure

Although most devices last around ten to 12 years, malfunctions do happen. Once the device malfunctions, the doctor will need to remove the device.

The Effectiveness of IPP

Is penile implant surgery (IPP) effective? Most men and their partners are satisfied with their implants even though it’s the most invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction. These devices usually last around ten to 12 years. Compared to the price of a daily medication, the initial discomfort and cost of a penile implant will pay for itself and then some. A number of men have complained about a shortening of the penis after the implant but the cases are few. The most noticeable difference after a penile implant surgery will be a surgical scar on the incisions sites on the penis.

Speak to a urologist in Atlanta today to find out if penile implants are right for you.