Bladder control is difficult to discuss. Especially with family, friends and even your doctor. Bladder control affects over 33 million men and is a fairly common and controllable issue. Interstim Therapy helps relieve symptoms of bladder control like:

  • Urge incontinence – The sudden urge to urinate is uncomfortable and frustrating when your bladder is empty or you have difficulty starting to urinate. At times, only a dribble or noting is produced after hours in the bathroom.
  • Urinary Retention – Not being able to urinate or relying on a catheter is extremely uncomfortable and cause anxiety issues in some men.
  • Frequent Urge – If you’re using the restroom several times a day, your life may feel under the control of your bladder.



Is InterStim Therapy Effective?

Interstim Therapy is effective against an overactive bladder and can help free men from the being tethered to the restroom and allow them to live the life they want. A simple operation, Interstim Therapy, is a reversible implant that sends small electrical impulses to your sacral nerve, the nerve responsible for bladder control located close to your tailbone. Overactive bladder control is usually caused by a miscommunication between the brain and the sacral nerve like a bad connection on a phone line. Interstim Therapy corrects it by bridging the signals with a pulse completely controllable by you.

The implants work similar to a pacemaker in the heart, there is a neurotransmitter that sends the electrical pulse through a wire called the lead. The implants are connected to an external wireless device that allows you to control the stimulation based on what you need. It’s a simple effective way to finally take control of your bladder.

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Is InterStim Therapy for You?

Interstim Therapy is an effective treatment for an overactive bladder but there are some cases where an implant may not be needed. Usually, a doctor will suggest Interstim Therapy after oral medications or more non-invasive treatments have been exhausted. If you’re suffering from an overactive bladder and you’re considering Interstim Therapy, speak to your doctor or Atlanta specialist if it’s the best choice for you. Some other issues you may need to consider is the device vulnerability to strong electrical forces. If you’re scheduled for an MRI, CT scan or any radiology tests, it may not be the best treatment for you at the moment.

The best way to manage your device is by keeping a small diary cataloging your urges to urinate, whether you emptied your bladder or not and your flow. Is it a dribble? Did you have trouble starting? This will help the doctor or specialist to determine if Interstim Therapy is right for you. The doctor may also suggest continuing the diary for the first few weeks after the procedure to help find the right signal strength needed for the impulses. Keep in good contact with your urologist and nurses for the best results in recovery.

At this point, you’ve probably researched InterStim side effects and benefits online and come to a conclusion about your next step. Maybe you’ve entered queries like “where to get InterStim near me” or “ urologist near me.” If this is you, Advanced Urology in Atlanta is here for you. Call Advanced Urology today at 678-344-8900  to learn more about treatment options and make an appointment.

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