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Side Effects and Recovery

Typically, cystoscopy is safe and standard but, like with any procedure, there are some complications and side effects. Your doctor should give you a list of care instructions after you procedure catering to your specific condition. Most of the side effects are due to the insertion of device itself. Sometimes the device will cause some damage as it makes it way down the urethra into the bladder. Pelvic pain, a burning sensation from peeing, urethra discomfort, and all the adverse side effects of anesthesia and sedation like nausea. There is a small chance of a urinary tract infection but these cases are rare and usually treated with light antibiotics.



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Side Effects of Cystoscopy

During the Cystoscopy recovery period, you will initially experience the side effects normal to any invasive procedure such as:

  • Risk of infection: The most severe side effect that can occur is infection. If the infection is near the surface or a simple urinary tract infection, antibiotics should treat it.
  • Swelling: Keeping the pelvis elevated with an ice pack will reduce swelling.
  • Pain: For the first few hours of recovery, penis pain will be prevalent but will subside by the end of the day.
  • Sensitivity while urinating: Due to the nature of the procedure the urethra can be sensitivity for the first few hours or so after the procedure.
  • Bleeding: Afterwards, you may experience some bleeding giving your urine a rusty color. Serious bleeding is rare but has happened.

It’s important to avoid any drinks that irritate the bladder like coffee or soda. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and flush out any irritants possibly introduced by the device.

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Possible Complications of Cystoscopy

Complications may occur during the initial recovery period, if they occur at all. Although, complications are very rare, you should practice proper care while in recovery. The most common complications from Cystoscopy

  • Post-operative bleeding may cause blood clots in your urine
  • Temporary severe pain in the pelvic region shortly after the operation.
  • Chills or a Fever from infection
  • The complete inability to urinate

Almost all complications are preventable if you’re under the care of a good team of doctors, surgeons and specialist.

If you’re experiencing any side effects or complications during your recovery period, you should contact your doctor or specialist immediately. If you feel like there’s a severe problem then immediately call emergency services or go to a hospital. Issues such as infection or severe prolonged pain shouldn’t be taken lightly and be treated as soon as possible to prevent any more drastic complications.

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