Typically, cystoscopy can cost anywhere from $350 to $3,000 out of pocket, but the total cost depends on the location of the procedure done, if you have health insurance or not and, if you do, what your plan covers. Much of the cost also depends on where the procedure is done. If the procedure is done in office, you may be charged for nurses staff and facility. Check with your healthcare provider if a cystoscopy is covered under your plan.


Billing for Cystoscopy

The main cost of a cystoscopy like most procedures will go into the time of the doctor or specialist. If the doctor is well known, or specially trained, the price will be significantly more. Most bills will invoice and lists what was used during the procedure including

  • Anesthesia: the sedatives used to decrease the pain and alleviate any anxiety the patient might experience.
  • The staff time: The time it takes the staff to set up, perform and break down the operation will be included in the bill as well. You may also be billed for the facility
  • Device: The scope used will have to be cleaned and cared for in a sanitary manner after the procedure.

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Insurance & Payment Options

If you’re wondering if a cystoscopy is covered by your health insurance plan, you’re in luck. Because almost all insurance plans cover cystoscopy and if you aren’t covered there are some organizations that can find insurance or a payment plan for you. Speak to your health care provider if a cystoscopy is covered under your plan today. If you’re currently uninsured or your insurance doesn’t cover the procedure, there are several payment plan options. Most doctors, specialists, and healthcare centers offer payment plans to help pay off the procedure over time. Speak to the financial department of your doctor about available options and plans today.

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