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Side Effects and Recovery

circumcision is a low risk procedure. There are relatively few complications or side effects to note. If you do, however, experience any of the side effects or complications related to circumcision after your procedure, talk to your doctor right away. The best way to minimize side effects and prevent complications after circumcision is to follow your doctor’s advice on caring for your surgical site after the procedure.


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Understanding Recovery from Circumcision

As you recover from your circumcision, these are some of the side effects to keep in mind:

  • Possibility of an infection – If you experience symptoms related to infection at your surgical site, it’s important you call your doctor. Most infections can be cleared up with antibiotics. Don’t delay getting treated for infection.
  • Swelling – Some swelling at the surgical site is normal, but prolonged swelling may indicate infection. Keep an ice pack handy following your procedure to minimize swelling.
  • Pain – It’s common to experience soreness around the
  • Sensitivity while urinating – Due to the nature of the procedure the urethra can be sensitivity for the first few hours or so after the procedure.
  • Bleeding – Afterwards, you may experience some bleeding giving your urine a rusty color. Serious bleeding is rare but has happened.

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Possible Complications from Circumcision

Contact your doctor if you are experiencing any of the following rare complications of circumcision:

  • Meatitis — If the penile opening becomes inflamed, contact your doctor to learn if you need medical attention.
  • Surgical site bleeding & irritation of the glans
  • Infection

What To Do If You Experience Problems After Circumcision

If you’ve experienced any of these side effects or complications following your circumcision, you should contact your doctor or Atlanta specialist immediately. Take your symptoms seriously, and if you believe this is an emergency, call your doctor and visit a hospital or dial 911.