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Living with a chronic illness or coping with the reality of a new diagnosis can cause confusion, stress and anxiety. How do you find a specialist who’ll make your concerns their priority? Most people begin by firing up their computer, going to their preferred search engine and inserting phrases like “Lawrenceville urology,” “urology near me,” “urology in Lawrenceville,” or “urologist Lawrenceville” to begin their search for a specialist.

The problem is that searching through the internet for the best urologist can be overwhelming. There are so many different options, and you will find a lot of opinions about those options. How will you begin to choose the best urologist for you? Fortunately, you’ve discovered Advanced Urology where our team of experts go the extra distance to ensure you receive award-winning service.

Our patients are valued; their time and energy are treasured. We pride ourselves on seeing our patients promptly. However, you may want to arrive early just to enjoy the tranquillity of our reception area. Advanced Urology is the only urology clinic in the Atlanta area to offer same-day appointments for the convenience of our patients. We treat a plethora of urological health conditions, and we strive to provide the highest quality care always.

Urologist Lawrenceville

Urinary Tract and Bladder Conditions

The human anatomy is a complex system of balances, and both men and women experience urological concerns. In Lawrenceville, we specialize in treating urinary tract and bladder issues:

  • Kidney stones – Small, crystalline clusters of substances like calcium, uric acid, magnesium, ammonia and oxalate form kidney stones. Urine cannot dilute them. Kidney stones may be as small as a speck of dust or as large as a marble. Kidney stones build in the urinary tract causing kidney infections. Bladder infections are common, but unnecessary to develop kidney stones. The crystals block the ureters making it difficult to expel urine and waste products. These stones aren’t painful when located in the kidney. However, when they pass from the kidney to the bladder, they can cause severe discomfort.
  • Incontinence – Losing control of your bladder can be embarrassing and may cause anxiety. However, many people experience the inability to control their urine flow. Incontinence is commonly caused by stress or an overflow of urine or fecal material. Incontinence often is a hallmark of a more serious health concern.
  • Urinary retention – Urinary retention occurs when a person can urinate but isn’t capable of entirely emptying their bladder. The retention is either an obstructive or a nonobstructive urinary condition. If it’s left untreated, urinary retention may cause cancer, prostate problems, kidney stones, pelvic trauma, nerve disease, stroke and other health problems. Symptoms typically involve discomfort in the lower back and pressure in the lower abdomen. Which is accompanied by an urgency to urinate, but also the inability to do so. Patients may experience an interrupted urine stream or fail to determine if the bladder is full or empty.

Fertility and Sexual Health Matters

Reproductive and sexual wellness are two of the most personal sections of medical science. At Advanced Urology, we understand your need for discretion and exceptional therapeutic services. We routinely treat both women’s and men’s sexual health needs including:

  • Fertility challenges – Many couples struggle to conceive a child. Male infertility affects eight percent of all couples in the country, while female reproductive conditions concern ten percent of partnerships trying to get pregnant. The good news is that most couples can resolve their infertility with a series of small changes to their lifestyle and intimacy habits.
  • Pregnancy prevention – It’s no longer the sole obligation of women to bear the responsibility of preventing unwanted pregnancies. Many men turn to urologists to aid them in their reproductive choices. You may feel it’s time for a vasectomy because your family is complete. On the other hand, you may want to reverse a previous vasectomy, having changed your mind about becoming a father.
  • Urinary tract infections – You’re probably wondering why a UTI is listed under the subheading of reproductive health. Well, urinary tract infections are often contracted during sexual UTI’s begin in the bowel where bacteria like E. coli typically live without causing you any illness. Following an intimate activity, bacteria may travel to the urethra and start causing infection. Urinary tract infections are easily treated with antibiotic medications, but if left to grow, they can cause serious harm to your kidneys, bladder and urinary tract.
  • Erectile dysfunction – There’s no need to stress over the occasional bout of ED, erectile dysfunction is a prevalent condition which affects most men at some point during their life. Usually, ED will resolve with time with a healthy lifestyle or prescribed medications. However, if you experience frequent or extended periods of erectile dysfunction, it may be an indicator of a more severe condition.

There are many reasons why a resident of Lawrenceville may need to consult a urologist. We urge you to contact us if you’re experiencing any urological health concerns. You don’t need to suffer from uncomfortable symptoms any longer. You can give us a call today and schedule your first appointment. We understand your circumstances and look forward to helping you along your path to wellness.