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Selecting a specialist in a medical field is a lot like gambling, you never know the quality of your care until after the cards are on the table, or rather you’re in the examination room. After your general practitioner told you that you needed a urologist in John’s Creek, you probably fired up your computer or smartphone and typed “urologist near me,” “urologist John’s Creek,” “urology near me” or “John’s Creek urology” into your favorite search engine.

The problem with an internet search is the return of hundreds of results which don’t indicate which specialist will tend empathetically and thoroughly to your needs. Thankfully, you’ve found Advanced Urology where you, our patient, are our only concern. We strive to holistically treat the person while providing clear and concise information in regards to your health options.

Urologist John’s Creek

Women’s Urological Conditions

Women experience a gamut of health concerns which require the skills of a seasoned urologist. At Advanced Urology, we treat a variety of conditions including:

  • Overactive bladder – OAB is a concern which affects 40 percent of all women in the United States. Overactive bladder symptoms involve incontinence and an urgency to urinate. Many cases are linked to neurological disorders, diabetes, medications, infections, excess consumption of alcohol or caffeine and bladder abnormalities. Men can experience an overactive bladder, but it’s more common in females.
  • Urinary tract infections – UTI’s happen to most women at some point in their lives. Urinary tract infections are common in women due to their shorter urethrae. Bacteria like E. coli exists typically in the bowels but can be transferred to the urethra after using the bathroom or sexual intercourse. To avoid the painful symptoms of a UTI make sure to wipe from front to back after a bathroom visit, clean your intimate areas after sex and always thoroughly wash your hands. Urinary tract infections can cause abdominal pain, burning sensations during urination and flu-like symptoms. Generally, UTI’s are remedied with antibiotic medications prescribed by a physician. Urinary tract infections that are left untreated can cause severe damage to your kidneys, bladder and overall health.
  • Pelvic organ prolapse – POP is common among post-menopausal women and females who have recently given birth. Pelvic organ prolapse encompasses a range of symptoms involving the organs in the pelvis (uterus, bladder and bowel), which fall into the vagina causing abdominal pain and discomfort. Luckily, there is a selection of surgical methods which can alleviate the condition, like uterine, posterior or anterior prolapse surgery.
  • Voiding dysfunction – Women experience three primary forms of chronic voiding dysfunction which prevents them from filling and releasing waste from the bladder, including urinary urgency, painful urination and excess frequency of urination.

Vasectomy John’s Creek

Men’s Urological Health Concerns

As men age, the intricate design of their anatomy may require medical assistance to maintain their health; these conditions often include:

  • Varicoceles – Similar to varicose veins in legs, varicoceles are enlarged veins found on the outer skin of the scrotum. These veins can restrict blood flow and cause damage to a man’s fertility. 20 percent of infertile men have varicoceles, while they’re present in 10 percent of fertile men. Proper treatment helps increase a man’s sperm count and viability. There is a myriad of treatment options available to alleviate the symptoms of varicoceles.
  • Low testosterone – As human beings age, the body starts to produce fewer androgens (sexual hormones like estrogen and testosterone). Low testosterone causes a man to feel tired all the time, reduces his sex drive, causes depression and lethargy. Due to the complexity of the aging process, treating low testosterone can be challenging. However, physicians have plenty of options to help someone with reduced androgen levels.
  • Erectile dysfunction – ED occurs to the majority of men at some point in their adult lives. Frequently, erectile dysfunction is caused by psychological stress, anxiety or turmoil in a man’s personal life. ED is easily treated and isn’t considered to be a severe However, if you’re experiencing regular episodes of erectile dysfunction, it may be a signal of a more dangerous illness.
  • Prostate, testicular, bladder and kidney cancer – A cancer diagnosis is never welcome, but the earlier the disease is detected, the better chances the patient has at overcoming the illness. 11.2 percent of men contract prostate cancer while those with a specific gene mutation, African American men and older males are all at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer. Testicular cancer is extremely treatable. Only one in 5000 men die from the disease. Bladder and kidney cancers are frequently tackled with a combination of chemotherapy and surgery.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment John’s Creek

The experts at Advanced Urology want you to know that your holistic health is our priority. We understand the challenges a new diagnosis creates for the individual and their family. It is our priority to put the utmost importance on the concerns and wellbeing of our patients. If you’re in need of urological care in John’s Creek, we urge you to call us immediately for an appointment.