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Treatments and Surgery

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a fairly common type of infection. This infection occurs more frequently in women because bacteria and microorganisms are more likely to access a woman’s bladder.

Don’t ignore UTI symptoms. However, when failed to be addressed, this infection can cause more serious medical issues. If you’ve started researching your symptoms online with queries like “UTI treatment near me” or “where to get medicine for UTI near me,” don’t delay getting treated. Call Advanced Urology today at 678-344-8900 to learn more about treatment options and make an appointment.


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Atlanta UTI Treatment Options

Typically, UTIs respond well to antibiotics, which you may only be required to take for a couple of days. Meanwhile, for recurring infections, you may need to take medication for 10 days or more.

Because UTIs can normally be resolved through oral medications, surgical procedures are not frequently used for treating these infections except for rare cases where there is an obstruction in the urinary tract. In men this is common with urethral stricture.


How to Know if Surgical Procedure is Right for You

Generally, medications will solve a UTI in due time. If you are suffering from chronic or recurring UTIs, this is an indicator that something else could be wrong. The UTIs then are a symptom of another urological disorder. Your Atlanta physician may refer you to a urologist or a specialist in diseases involving the urinary system.

In rare cases where the UTI is caused by prostate problems, stones or an obstruction in the urinary tract, your Atlanta urologist may recommend surgery to restore the normal flow of urine from your body. This will then help clear up your infection and get your urinary system back to its normal function.