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Treatments and Surgery

Incontinence treatment options include dietary and lifestyle changes, medication, natural supplements and surgery. If urinary incontinence medications and lifestyle changes have not been effective, your doctor will talk to you about surgery.

It is imperative that you discuss your options with your doctor and make a final decision. If you are a woman and are considering having children in the future, now is the time to bring up this fact to your doctor. Surgery has been found to be a permanent solution to the problem of incontinence, but it is not recommended for everyone.



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How to Know if Incontinence Surgery is Right for You

Knowing that you are talking about surgery with your doctor, you’ve probably been researching “incontinence treatment near me,” or “Atlanta incontinence surgery.” Some of the things you should consider to ensure that surgery is a right option for you are:

  • Getting an accurate diagnosis – Surgery for all incontinence is not the same. Different types of incontinence call for different types of surgeries, which is why an accurate diagnosis of incontinence is imperative before opting for surgery.
  • Planning for children – If you are a woman, consider your plans for children in future. Incontinence after childbirth can grow even more, which is why you should consult your doctor. It is important to note here that a pregnancy may undo all that might have been achieved through surgery.
  • Surgery fixes one problem at a time – If you suffer from mix incontinence, then one surgery may not help cure all the problems. Surgery isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach so you might have to go for multiple surgeries if you have mixed incontinence.

Keeping these considerations in mind, you can decide to opt for a surgical treatment.

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Surgical Treatment for Incontinence in Atlanta

If you’ve started researching surgery centers with searches like “incontinence surgery near me,” Advanced Urology provides a number of surgical treatments available, and here we will be looking at the most effective ones.

Tape Procedures

Tape procedure is used in patients suffering from stress incontinence. A plastic tape is inserted into the body through an incision and threaded behind the urethra. The piece of tape inserted through the incision helps keep the urethra in the correct position, which reduces the impact of stress incontinence on your body.

Sacral Nerve Stimulation

Sacral nerve stimulation is a surgery carried out to take care of urge incontinence. The sacral nerves are located near the bottom of your back. They usually carry the signals from your brain to the muscles used when you urinate. If urge incontinence in a patient is influenced by the detrusor muscle contracting too much, sacral neuromodulation may be performed.

A device that sends electrical current is inserted at the bottom of your back in this procedure. The device controls your sacral nerves and regulates the signals, resulting in a reduced urge to urinate. However, sacral nerve stimulation is an uncomfortable and painful procedure.

Indwelling Catheterization

This surgical method is opted for in the case of overflow incontinence. In this procedure, a catheter is fitted inside your urethra, and the urine bypasses your bladder to come out of your body into a bag hanging by your abdomen. Using a catheter can be uncomfortable at the start, but when you get used to it, you will realize that it doesn’t really hold you back from doing your regular daily functions.