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Medications and Supplements

Once you have had your urethral stricture diagnosed from a urologist, your doctor should recommend a treatment plan which could include medication. Medication is one of the first methods of treatment used for a urethral stricture to help deal with inflammation and pain.

Your doctor may suggest that the most comprehensive way to manage urethral stricture is through surgery. While medication can help reduce the severity of your condition, it may not be enough to repair the root cause of your urethral stricture.


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Effective Medications for Urethral Stricture

The use of medication in urethral stricture is not as widespread as it is for some other conditions related to the urinary tract.

While many conditions that are centered around the prostate or bladder require medication for recovery, the case is a bit different with a urethral stricture. If you’ve experienced urethral stricture symptoms, you’ve probably already begun researching your options online for treating it using phrases like “urologist near me” or “treatment for urethral stricture near me.” If so, call Advanced Urology today at 678-344-8900 to learn more about Atlanta treatment options and make an appointment.

Doctors do prescribe a lot of painkillers and antibiotics to people suffering from urethral strictures. Patients suffering from a urethral stricture tend to experience a lot of pain, especially when they are urinating. This is why painkillers or local anesthesia is very useful.

Moreover, antibiotics are also given as part of the medication regimen to help make sure that there are no infections of the urethral region as the urethra is prone to infections. An antibiotic will not only keep away future infections but will also limit the impact of any current infection.

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Supplements & Natural Products for Urethral Stricture

Supplements and natural products are extremely useful for relief from urethral strictures. Here are a few natural supplements that can assist not only with urethral strictures but a lot of problems related to your urinary health and urinary tract. These supplements include:


Cranberry contains many benefits because it contains special nutrients known as PACs, which assist the human body in preventing bacteria from getting attached to the walls of the urinary tracts. Most of the problems related to the urinary tract happen because of the presence of bacteria on the walls. If you are able to prevent this from happening, many of these conditions can be repelled.


Pygeum is often used to address problems related to the balder. Pygeum is an herbal tree extract long used in folk medicine to promote bladder health and may aid in alleviating some of the pain or inflammation related to urethral stricture.


Clematis is a homeopathic treatment that may relieve some of the symptoms associated with urethral strictures. It may help improve the flow of your urine. Clematis may help the urethral tract in establishing a proper flow of urine across the bladder.

When to Seek Further Treatments for Urethral Stricture in Atlanta, GA

Although medications for urethral stricture aren’t meant to magically clear away the pain, you should talk with your doctor if you feel that the pain is same as before or becoming unbearable for you to manage.

Your Atlanta urologist will probably recommend surgical treatment options for the condition. If the medications and supplements don’t work, then it may be time for a surgical treatment option.