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Treatments and Surgery

There are numerous treatment options available for providing relief to people suffering from prostatitis. Besides taking into consideration the prostatitis symptoms you are going through and their severity, your doctor will also consider the type of prostatitis you are suffering from, before recommending surgical treatment options to you.

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How to Know When Surgery for Prostatitis Is Right for You

Prescribing a treatment requires your doctor to evaluate numerous factors including the symptoms, type of prostatitis and the causes behind the condition. The treatment options range from alterations in your lifestyle to surgery. The first course of action recommended by most doctors will be to recommend specific lifestyle changes. Once these changes have been implemented, your doctor will evaluate your condition and then proceed towards medications and supplements if the proposed changes have failed to have an impact.

If the medications and supplements also fail to make much of a difference, then your Atlanta urologist will keep you in the loop before recommending surgery. Surgery for prostatitis requires professional expertise, which is why you need to make sure that you have the right medical professional looking after you.

Each man will respond differently to treatment. Since prostatitis can be grouped into multiple types, your urologist will diagnose you carefully, keeping in mind the fact that your symptoms could be different than someone else’s.

You should know that surgery may be the right choice when all prior treatments have delivered results. If the lifestyle changes, medications and natural supplements didn’t improve your condition, then surgery could be the right option for you. When considering whether to elect to undergo a surgical procedure, consider these questions:

  • Is surgery the last resort for you?
  • Is there anything about your medical history that you haven’t yet disclosed to your doctor?
  • Have medications and lifestyle changes had no impact on the severity of your symptoms?

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Types of Surgical Treatments for Prostatitis

If you are suffering from prostatitis, and no form of medication or lifestyle changes have worked on you, then it is time enough for you to opt for a surgery. It is always good to know the choices you have and the most surgical treatment methods when it comes to prostatitis. Here we take a look at some of the most prominent and effective surgical methods of prostatitis and how they come across to be so effective in the eradication of the condition. If you’re considering surgery, you may have already been researching these treatment methods online with search terms like “TURP near me” or “prostatitis surgery near me.”


TURP stands for transurethral resection of the prostate. TURP is a surgical procedure that removes portions of your prostate gland through your penis. Since the treatment is surgical, it is often the last resort choice for sufferers who haven’t been able to curb the symptoms through other less invasive methods.

The surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia and may take no more than 90 minutes to complete and afterward, you’ll have a catheter in your urethra.

Laparoscopic Surgery in Atlanta

The procedure is less painful and poses a lower risk of infection when compared to the traditional procedure of radical prostatectomy. Minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery involves tiny incisions made at critical points. Laparoscopic prostatectomy, available at Advanced Urology Atlanta, is performed under the application of general anesthesia and more than half of the men that undergo the procedure report positive changes. The younger you are, the more likely you will be considered to recover erectile functions after the application of this treatment.