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Treatments and Surgery

Prostate cancer can be a disastrous disease. Fortunately, if caught fairly early, it’s perfectly treatable. There are several types of treatment, but the majority of prostate cancer is treated with surgery. The doctor will remove the prostate tumor or the entire prostate itself depending on the severity of the tumor. If the tumor is small, or if the patient is prone to infection or doesn’t want a surgery, there are several non-surgical treatment plans, but those procedures haven’t proven to be as effective as surgery.

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How To Know if Atlanta Prostate Cancer Surgery Is Right for You

In most cases, your doctor or urologist will recommend surgery before any other treatment. Unless the prostate tumor is small or the patient has a compromised immune system, surgery is usually the best option to treat prostate cancer. Removing the tumor or the prostate entirely is the best way to ensure the cancer doesn’t spread to other organs or affects other bodily functions.

If you suspect you’re suffering from prostate cancer or if you’ve recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you should seriously consider surgery as your first option for treatment. Some other factors to consider regarding any surgery are:

  1. Age – The older you are the more risks there are to surgery.
  2. Immune system – If your immune system is easily compromised from a separate condition or disease, you’re at more of a risk for infection from surgery.
  3. Aversion to surgery – If your religion or culture is against surgical procedures, other options are available.

Your doctor or specialist will take all those factors into account before recommending surgery after looking over your tests and screening results.

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The Types of Surgery for Prostate Cancer

The surgical treatments for prostate cancer are simple and life-saving. The goal is to remove the tumor and maintain the overall health of the prostate but in some cases, the entire prostate will be removed. Fortunately, if the prostate is removed, the patient will suffer from several issues afterwards. The surgical treatment can be performed in Atlanta several different ways:

  • Robot assisted surgery – This procedure uses the assistance of a robot to perform the surgery. The robot is inserted into the body through several small incisions while the doctor controls it. This allows for a more precise, less invasive procedure and quicker recovery time.
  • Abdomen incision – This surgery removes the prostate through an incision on the abdomen.

If you have prostate cancer, surgery is probably your best option for recovery. At this point, you’ve probably already been researching online for solutions with queries like “best cancer surgeon near me” or “effective prostate cancer treatment near me.” If this is you, Advanced Urology is here. The procedures are relatively painless thanks to anesthesia and has a proven track record of successfully eliminate cancer in the prostate.