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Diagnosis and Testing

There are different and unique methods that doctors use in order to properly diagnose and test for male infertility.

There are multiple reasons for this as the doctors need to be able to treat each patient individually and come up with the proper diagnosis while keeping in mind each patient’s unique medical history as well as any other medication they might be prescribed. Also, a prior medical condition or a prior medication may have triggered male infertility. These are the questions to discuss with your Atlanta urologist.

Diagnosis in Atlanta for Male Infertility

There are multiple male infertility tests that can help doctors determine the exact reason for male infertility in each individual patient. Here are some signs or indicators that might illustrate in better terms whether you should see a doctor.

Chemicals Exposure

This is rare and seldom happens. However, it has been known to drastically impact male infertility and is one of the most severe male infertility causes. If you ever find yourself exposed to benzene, toluene, xylene, pesticides, herbicides or painting materials, and you’re now living with a low sperm count, then there is a chance that this exposure may have had a lasting impact.

Heavy Metals

Just like chemicals, heavy metals are also known to have an adverse impact on male infertility and can lead to a host of other problems as well.


Exposure for even the slightest period can cause a drastic decrease in sperm production and lead to permanent damage if the exposure is for longer periods.

Overheating Testicles

High temperatures can cause damage to sperm quality. This is why it is suggested that men should avoid saunas and hot tubs. In addition to direct sources, sitting for long periods of time or wearing tight clothing can also result in a visible drop in the sperm quality.

Drugs and Alcohol

If you’ve been abusing drugs or alcohol or long stretches of time, then it is possible that you may have caused damage to vital testicle muscles.

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What to Expect from Atlanta Infertility Screening

If you’ve considered being tested for infertility, you’ve probably already begun researching online with queries like “urology men’s health near me” or “male infertility screening near me.” Advanced Urology can help. There are several tests that your doctor will carry out in order to pinpoint the exact reason for your problem.

Scrotal Ultrasound

This test utilizes high frequency sound waves that are capable of producing accurate images of your internal body. This allows your doctor to examine your body for any signs of varicocele or other issues that might indicate male infertility.

Hormone Testing

The hormones responsible for creating sperm are created in the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Both of these are absolute crucial in the process of sperm production as any abnormalities may result in a lower quality of sperm or even temporary male infertility. There have been cases where untreated hormonal imbalances have resulted in permanent male infertility. This blood test measures the exact amount of testosterone as well as a combination of other hormones inside your body.

Genetic Testing

Though not in all cases, but in some, genetics may have a big role in male infertility. A blood test can easily reveal whether the changes in the Y-chromosomes may have caused the male infertility in the first place. These tests are also helpful in recognizing congenital or inherited syndromes.