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Medications and Supplements

Since hematuria (blood in urine) can be caused by a variety of factors and may be a symptom of other more serious medical condition, the treatment varies from one case to another. For instance, if your hematuria is caused by a UTI, your treatment might include taking antibiotics to clear the infection.

On the other hand, if your hematuria is brought about by an enlarged prostate, medication may be prescribed to shrink it to its normal size.

In many cases, you don’t have to undergo treatment for hematuria.

Medication for Hematuria (Blood in Urine)

To obtain the best possible treatment or medical advice, make sure to set an appointment with your doctor in Atlanta as soon as possible. It is also important to visit follow up with your doctor to ensure that your hematuria is cleared.

Most of the time, no treatment is required for hematuria unless you have an underlying serious medical condition. Any medication prescribed to you would treat the cause of the hematuria, not the hematuria itself.

If your Atlanta urologist didn’t find an underlying cause during your initial assessment and you have risk factors for bladder cancer, a follow-up urinalysis and blood pressure monitoring may be required for the next three to six months.

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Supplements or Natural Products for Hematuria (Blood in Urine)

Alternatively, here are the natural products that can be used to address hematuria and its root causes.

Hematuria Caused by UTI

If the blood in your urine is caused by a urinary tract infection, you need to address your UTI to treat your hematuria. One of the most effective natural solutions for this is to stay hydrated in order to flush out the bacteria in your bladder. Aside from water, unsweetened cranberry juice and coco water are the other beverages that work.

Hematuria Caused by Enlarged Prostate Gland

An enlarged prostate can cause hematuria and problems with urination. According to a study published in Nutrition Research and Practice, pumpkin seed oil may help moderate the symptoms of enlarged prostate over time alongside traditional medicine.

Hematuria Caused by Kidney Stones

If your hematuria is caused by the presence of kidney stones, you may want to try a plant-based diet and consume foods that are rich in magnesium. Another natural remedy that may help treat kidney stones is by drinking hot water with lemon juice every day.

Hematuria Caused by Bladder Cancer

Hematuria is usually one of the first signs of bladder cancer. Frankincense oil may be helpful against cancer as a supplement to traditional medical care.

When Medication Doesn’t Work for Hematuria (Blood in Urine)

After undergoing treatment, your Atlanta urologist will check if you still have blood in your urine. If there are still blood cells present, you may be required to undergo additional tests and be referred to a urologist. Hematuria will be fully treated if the underlying cause is resolved. Hence, if the cause was identified and was not addressed through the initial treatment option, you may be asked to undergo another treatment method for that particular condition.

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