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Treatments and Surgery

As erectile dysfunction is something that can impact anyone from the age of 20 to 80, treatment options will be different for each person. It is also possible that if proper care is not given to this thorough analysis of the patient, the procedure might end up causing even more severe symptoms.

To best understand whether to pursue surgical options, book a physical exam with an Atlanta urologist for a thorough evaluation of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


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When to See a Surgeon in Atlanta for ED

If you’re suffering from the symptoms of ED, perhaps you’ve already researched “urologists near me” or “treatment for ED near me.” Your doctor is the authority for determining what is causing erectile dysfunction and subsequently come up with the best surgical option based on your needs.

Before recommending surgery, your doctor may conduct:

Additional exams:

This is a thorough and careful test of the penis, testicular and other reproductive internal organs. This helps the doctor judge the health of these organs and how ED might be taking its toll on your body in unseen ways and to evaluate whether your organs are performing at their optimum levels and what might be the best solution to bring them back to their ideal condition.

Blood tests:

The blood tests help the doctor understand whether you have an indication of diabetes, low testosterone levels or even heart disease. These are all factors that impact ED can also help the doctor determine if there are some medications and supplements that you should avoid in case of ED.


This is a test that is carried out through the help of the transducer. The transducer is a wand shaped device that creates video imagery when held over the reproductive organs. This allows the doctor to see in Real-time if there are any blood supply problems that might be causing a patient’s ED.

This test is usually preceded by an injection of medications that stimulates the penis and causes an erection. An erection allows the doctor to gain a better insight into the blood flow through the veins.

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Atlanta Surgical Treatments for ED

As far as the surgical options for those suffering from ED go, there are a number of options which are:

Penile Implants:

The procedure is quite simple as it involves the placement of prosthetic devices within the penis. This is considered the least effective procedure when it comes to ED because it is only for those who are willing to live through the pain that comes along with this implant. However, the best thing about these implants is that it restores the sexual pleasure more than any other alternative.

Vascular Reconstructive Surgery:

This is another option for those suffering from ED while also experiencing comorbid conditions like prostatitis. This surgery reconstructs the arteries within the penis and increases the blood flow to the penis in order to maintain an erection.

This surgery makes it impossible for the blood to exit the veins of the penis; hence a healthy and stable erection can be achieved.