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Medications and Supplements

Erectile dysfunction can be particularly a difficult and embarrassing medical condition for some men. However, medication and the use of vital supplements as well as natural herbs may alleviate some of these symptoms to a degree.

Along with medication and urological care, things like counseling and lifestyle changes can also lead to a positive change with regards to ED. It can also help in reducing some of the stress as well as negate some of the negative aspects of ED.

While these drugs can be effective in reducing the impact of ED, always consult your doctor before beginning any medication or supplement regimen, the reason being that you may not accurately consider the possible interactions that could result from your prior medical history or any pre-existing medical condition. If you’re already on some medication for another condition, these medications could cause an adverse effect as well.


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Effective Medications for ED

If you’re considering requesting a prescription for ED medication, you may have begun researching “urologists near me” or “where to find ED treatment near me.” There are different types of medication for ED. As mentioned earlier, ED affects each person in a different way. Hence, it is entirely possible that the medications that you might have been prescribed might not have the desired impact or the same level of effectiveness that it might otherwise have on others. Your Atlanta urologist is your guide to the proper medication to help your sexual drives.

The most commonly prescribed medicines meant to restore and maintain an erection are the following:

  • Sildenafil
  • Vardenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • Avanafil

Most of these medications work by smoothing the muscles down and increasing or restoring the flow of blood to your penile cavity. This in turn leads to greater sexual stimulation and also reduces performance anxiety. However, since these are meant to significantly raise the flow of blood in your body, those who suffer from a heart condition should not ingest any of these.

Alpha blockers have been noted for decreasing the amount of stress as well as restoring erectile functions in most cases. In some cases, your doctor might also prescribe your testosterone if there’s a deficiency of hormones in your body. If you are suffering from nerve or circulatory problems, you should avoid this medication.

If you suffer from late-onset hypogonadism, then most of these medications will prove unhelpful as their impact is negated by the medication for hypogonadism.

In severe cases, an injection called alprostadil may also be used. It causes in instant flow of blood to the penis and increases the erection functions.

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Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

Standard ED medications may not be for everyone. You may have searched online for “alternative ED treatments near me.” For many, there can be complications that exist due to the side effects related to ED medications. For those who prefer the more natural and selectively stress-relieving natural solutions, supplements like these may help manage some aspects of ED.


There’s some evidence that suggests that dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) increases sexual libido as well as increasing the amount of erectile stability and can be helpful in reducing stress. There appear to be no significant side effects.


Evidence suggests that ingesting L-arginine in high doses can result in reducing erectile dysfunction and improving the blood flow. There are some side effects associated with it such as nausea and diarrhea.

When to See an Atlanta Urologist for ED

When medication doesn’t work, you may consider various natural supplements in order to reduce or remove some of these erectile problems.

However, if none of these deliver any promising results then a surgery would be the best option as it would permanently solve this problem.

If you want to have a surgery performed, contact your doctor to learn about the most suitable procedure for you can be arranged.