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Causes and Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction or impotence may seem simple, it’s a complicated disorder because many factors contribute to the problem of ED including prostate issues, physical illnesses and emotional factors. For example, prostatitis and ED are also closely linked, and prostatitis can actually cause many ED symptoms.

Prostatitis and stress have also been identified as leading causes of erectile dysfunction.


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Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction and Related Disorders

The most basic and fundamental symptom of ED is the inability to achieve or keep an erection long enough to have sex. There are several factors that might indicate that a person has erectile dysfunction.

The severity of erectile dysfunction varies from person to person. However, one of the most definitive indicators that a person has erectile dysfunction is the slow but consistent worsening of the condition with age. This is the stage at which the problem can be classified as chronic impotence. Prostatitis discharge can also be a key indicator that you suffer from erectile dysfunction and need to seek medical attention. If this sounds like you, you may have begun researching your symptoms or sought out treatment through online searches like “ED doctor near me.”

Prostatitis and ejaculation are also closely related which means that, if you experience a problem with maintaining your erection for the duration, you could possibly have comorbid prostatitis and ED.

The best thing to do in either of these cases would be to make an appointment with your Atlanta urologist and explain these problems either in-person or on phone. Your doctor will be able to clear up any misinformation as well as any misunderstanding about your condition.

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The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

There are several factors which contribute to ED. Some of the most common and prominent ones include:

Endocrine Diseases

The body’s endocrine system is the one that produces the hormones that are responsible to for regulating the metabolism, reproduction and other emotional concepts of the human mind such as the mood and sexual appetite.

There are some diseases that interfere with the endocrine diseases such as diabetes. Diabetes causes can increase ED symptoms as well as back pain. In such cases, a person might experience some form of impotence as well as impacting the way the human body utilizes the insulin hormones.

Neurological Conditions

There are several neurological conditions that might result in eventual impotence. These conditions impact the brain’s ability to have comprehensive command over the reproductive system. The usual outcome in cases like this is ED

Diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s have displayed a significant impact on a person’s mind and eventually their reproductive system.

When to See a Urologist in Atlanta for ED

Once you’ve been convinced that you’re experiencing symptoms of ED or prostatitis, the best thing to do is to get into contact with your doctor. You may have already begun searching online for “ED treatment near me.” If so, you’re not alone. Advanced Urology is here for you.

The best time to get into touch is when you’ve been experiencing one or more of these symptoms for a prolonged period. There are other indicators of prostatitis and ED, like premature ejaculation. Your doctor will be able to accurately diagnose the cause of your symptoms and recommended the appropriate treatment.