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Can Penile Implants Treat Erectile Dysfunction?


Every year, millions of men over the age of 40 will suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). However, despite being in good company, men are often hesitant to speak about the condition, even to their urologist, due to the negative myths surrounding it. This can hinder some men from finding a proper solution that works for them and their partners. While many men believe medication is the only treatment for ED, some will find that it is ineffective and even causes negative side effects, such as headaches, digestive problems, vision changes, and more. Additionally, common ED prescriptions only work for approximately 70 percent of men.


For those who are not satisfied with ED medication or experience negative side effects, there are a variety of other options to help treat erectile dysfunction. One proven method highly recommended by urologists is penile implants. Here is what you need to know about this treatment option.


What is a Penile Implant?


A penile implant is a custom-fit, durable device that is surgically placed in the penis. This device gives men suffering from erectile dysfunction the ability to get an erection that feels and looks natural. In addition, penile implants do not affect the ability to ejaculate or a man’s sensitivity during intercourse, making them a satisfying solution without negative side effects.


Types of Penile Implants


Coloplast, the leading provider of erectile dysfunction solutions, offers two different types of penile implants.


Inflatable Penile Implants


Inflatable implants are the most versatile and popular implant available to men suffering from ED. This type of implant provides the most natural-looking erection and allows men to be in full control during intercourse. The Coloplast Titan Touch is a three-piece inflatable implant that uses a fluid-filled system to mimic a natural erection. With the Titan, a reservoir is placed in the abdomen, then two cylinders in the penis and a pump in the scrotum.


Semi-Rigid Rod Implants


A semi-rigid rod or malleable implant is less natural-looking than the inflatable prosthetic, but it produces a permanently firm penis with flexible rods. The Genesis by Cologuard consists of double rods that are placed in the shaft of the penis, and men simply move it into place whenever they desire an erection.



Proven Method of Treating ED


Penile implants have proven to be an effective long-term solution for treating erectile dysfunction. In fact, in a 2015 study, researchers created a questionnaire to evaluate the long-term satisfaction of men who had received a penile implant. The eight-question poll focused on the men’s age, how long they had been using the implant, and how satisfied they were with the results. The study also took health conditions the men may have, such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes, into consideration.


The researchers discovered that after five years of having the implant, 93.3 percent of men were still satisfied with its functionality. After 10 and 15 years of use, the numbers fell to 76.5 and 64.8 percent, respectively. However, due to the high satisfaction rates with the implant, 90 percent of men who had received it said they would choose the surgery again.


Additional Reasons to Consider a Penile Implant


Not only are penile implants an effective, permanent solution for treating ED, but there are additional benefits to this form of treatment.


  • Patient satisfaction rate for inflatable implants is 98 percent, and men who chose this form of implant reported a significantly higher satisfaction rate than those who used medication or other ED treatments.
  • Penile implants are not visible to your partner, thus making them a discrete treatment method.
  • The typical recovery time after a procedure is 4-6 weeks, and after you are healed, your sexual performance or enjoyment will not be hindered.
  • It is the most cost-effective ED treatment over a 10-year period. The daily cost of medications and natural remedies add up over time, and implants are covered by most insurance plans.


Are Penile Implants for Everyone? 


Most urologists only suggest the procedure for severe cases of ED when medications and penis pumps have not been successful. Penile implants can be especially helpful for men who suffer from certain medical problems, including scarring and curving caused by Peyronie’s Disease.


Penile implants are not a solution for everyone. A urologist will not suggest an implant if a man’s ED may be reversible or could be the result of psychological issues, such as stress or an unhealthy relationship. Implants are also not recommended for men who may be suffering from ED due to an untreated infection like a UTI or pulmonary infection. Penile implants are also not a solution for ED caused by poorly-controlled diabetes. Additionally, while penile implants may help a man acquire an erection, they do not enhance sexual desire or sensitivity.



Let Advanced Urology and Coloplast Treat Your ED


Erectile dysfunction is a common and often temporary condition. Most men will experience the occasional difficulty getting an erection. However, because it can be caused by a variety of external factors, it is recommended to see a urologist if the condition persists or worsens over time.


If you are curious about what erectile dysfunction solutions could be right for you, do not be afraid to speak to a urologist about penile implants. Advanced Urology is proud to offer patients in the Atlanta area the unique treatment options created by Coloplast. Schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today.